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Experience and qualifications

A Cage fighter being examined by Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly

An MMA martial artists knee injury being treated.

In 2010  Chiropractor Kevin Kelly opened Plymouth Sports Injury Clinic operating from his Peverell Clinic, the clinic serves people from Devon and Cornwall.

Kevin Kelly graduated with a Sports Science degree in 1980 and a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1986.  He works both for the NHS and in private practice and has also worked as the Plymouth Albion RFC. Chiropractor.

As the first person in the UK to graduate with both a Sports Science degree and a Doctor of Chiropractic, Kevin Kelly has a unique insight into the treatment of sports and other joint injuries.  He has successfully treated thousands of patients and having been a keen sportsman himself feels that the ability to empathise with the patient and understanding the mechanisms of injury is paramount for an effective treatment.

Kevin Kelly Examining Olympic Athlete Chris Maddocks

Mr Kelly’s philosophy is to treat patients as he would like to be treated himself, and it is this attitude that has allowed him to become the popular practitioner he is today, as well as the vast experience he has gained from treating the general public, as well as International, Olympic and Professional athletes.

Elena Long spent her early years lecturing in Computer Sciences.  A keen sportswoman, swimming, rowing and playing Volleyball at regional level, captaining her city for many years.   Elena has a great interest in sporting performance and is particularly interested in using Sports Massage to complement training and aid performance throughout the season.   She can also provide pre and post event  sports massage to ease muscular tension and aid post event recovery.  Elena also also uses sports massage as a specific treatment for muscles and soft tissues of the body for stress and tension and general tightness in the back and neck areas.


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